Instructional Tech


Welcome to the Putnam City Instructional Technology Training Site.

As your Instructional Technology Department, we strongly believe in the power of using hands-on-technology to learn.  We have created this site as a way for you access training on how to integrate technology into your classroom.  Under Putnam City Basics and Tech Troubles? you will find short how-to-videos on everything from how to take attendance in PowerTeacher to how to do set up challenge questions for resetting your password.

We also want to provide more in-depth professional development for you to access at a time that is convenient for you and you can work at your own pace. In Tech PD you will find topics such as creating a Paperless Classroom, Google Apps for Education, and engaging web applications.  In the more in-depth training pieces, you will find written instructions, video instructions and instructions for creating a product to show your learning and level up.

As you go through the Tech PD you will Level up your Learning, receive badges and accumulate PD points for your site.  Have fun!

We are always learning so check back often for new ways to Level Up your teaching.

Although we have gone digital we are always willing to help you in person, the technology training lab will be open for you to come work with one of the instructional technology on Monday and Wednesday afternoons throughout the summer.

Check out the contact page if you want to contact us directly.

 Charri Stratton Director of Instructional Technology Putnam City Schools.