Mobile Device Management (MDM)


MDM Setup for student iPads


The process if very much the same for teacher iPads.  During the setup screens, Teacher iPads will be asked to set up a passcode and you will be asked to put in your iTunes account.  Teachers will still have access to the Apple App store and the iTunes Store.

There are still some piece that will be coming with Apple Classroom that will allow for more teacher control of student iPads from the teacher iPad.  We are waiting for a release from Apple.  Stay Tuned.


Questions about Apps:

  • The apps I want are not in the Self Service Store.  How do I get them?  There is an App request form on .PC.
  • An app I requested on the Google form last year isn’t in the Self Service Store, why not?   There are a few different reasons we may not have been able to add an app to the Self Service store:
    1. The Apple App store is dynamic.  Some apps that were free are no longer free, some apps that were in the Apple App store are no longer in the store even though you can still see them on your iTunes account.
    2. Some app developers choose not to let their apps be distributed through a Mobile Device Management System.
    3. Not all apps are educationally appropriate. If you feel like we left out something that should have been added feel free to contact Charri Stratton.