Google Drive – Level 1

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Tech Tool:  Google Drive – Free iOS App/Free with Google Account

  • Google Drive is part of the Google Apps for Education.  It functions as both an platform for storage “in the cloud” as well as a way to create, share and collaborate on documents, slideshows, and more.  Google Drive is available for all students and teachers through their Putnam City Google account.

Here’s How:


Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Upload and store files for easy access on all devices.
  • Share files between team members and/or students through Google accounts, link, or email.
  • Manage and organize instructional materials.
  • Obtain URL for files to share with QR Codes, on websites, etc.


Level Up!

  • Upload 5 files to your Google Drive account.  (One of the files should be the screenshot from the PC Google Account badge.)
  • Take a screenshot showing at least 5 files in your Google Drive.  (Screenshot instructions here)
  • Upload screenshot to your Google Drive.
  • Set sharing options for the screenshot file to “Anyone with Link Can View”.
  • Fill out the Level UP! form.  You will need to copy the URL (link) to your screenshot to paste in the form.

Reflective Question:  How could Google Drive be used to increase collaboration within your PLC?

Level UP!