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Tech Tool:  Kahoot – web (kahoot.com for teacher, kahoot.it for the students), iOS (free) Kahoot for students.  

  • Kahoot is an assessment tool.  If your students love to compete against each other, this is for you.  No papers to grade, and the students get immediate feedback.

Here’s How:

Written Directions

Ideas for Use:

  • Common Assessments
  • Chapter tests
  • Unit tests
  • Pre/Post Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Informative Assessments
  • Independent Practice
  • Blind Kahoot – introduce new content to students
  • Team Mode – great for collaboration

Level Up!:

  • Create a Kahoot you will use with your students
  • Share the link from the address bar to your Kahoot in the Google form below.

Reflective Question:  How would this benefit you and your students?

  Level UP!!