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Tech Tool:  Popplet – iOS App/Web – Free/$4.99 ($2.50 for 20+)

  • Popplet (and Popplet Lite) allow the user to create graphic organizers and mind maps.  Customization includes changing size, color and layout, in addition to adding text, images, and drawings.  This is a great app/site for any grade level or subject.
  • Popplet Lite is the free iOS app.  Only one Popplet can be created at a time – the project must be finished and exported before the next Popplet is started.
  • The web version is also free.  It requires an account be made and allows 5 Popplets to be created at a time.
  • The full version allows for unlimited Popplets.  


Here’s How:

Written Instructions


Ideas for Use:

  • Pre-writing  organization
  • Gather information from research
  • Student introductions at the beginning of the year
  • Introduce unit information
  • Timeline of historical events
  • Process or procedural writing steps for student reference


Level Up!:

  • Create a Popplet that can be used in your classroom as an instructional tool or as a sample of a student project.
  • Take a screenshot of your Popplet or export the JPeg to Photos on your iPad.  
  • Upload the picture from Photos to your Google Drive.  (Set sharing options to allow you to share the URL for Anyone with the Link Can View.)
  • Fill out the Level UP! form.  You will need to copy the URL (link) to your screenshot to paste in the form.

Reflective Question:  How can Popplet be used as a tool for differentiation within your classroom?

Level UP!