Showbie Level 2

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Tech Tool:  Showbie (iOS: free,  Web:

  • Showbie is a digital learning platform that is great for keeping your assignments/ projects organized (digitally) so you have an easy way to know where they are stored.  It can get rid of the stacks of papers you carry around with you.  
  • The app as all the bells and whistles: voice notes, comments, annotations, etc..

PC Teachers, if you would like the PRO account please email


Here’s How:


Written Directions

Ideas for Use:

      • This will eliminate the stacks of papers you have. 
      • Upload assignments/ tests/ projects with rubric and grade once students have completed all in the app.  
      • Students can upload projects from different apps. (Book Creator, Popplet, Tellagami, Canva, Chatter Pix, Trading Cards, Pic Collage, and etc..)  
      • You can send notes, video links, audio notes, and photos to individual students to differentiate. Students can send to you all well.  This allows students to ask questions when they don’t in class.
      • If you work on a website (ex. S’more) students can copy and paste link for you to see their creation.  
      • Voice notes can be used to give a set of directions for the assignment.
      • Groups can be use for student collaboration.
      • You can create a parent group for announcements.

Level Up!:

      • Create an assignment that you will used with your class, in the shared folder upload a photo and add a voice note.  Take a screenshot of what is in the shared folder.
      • Create a group with collaboration between teacher and 2 students.  Make sure you talk a screenshot showing the collaboration. 
      • Upload both screenshots to your Google Drive.  Paste the links to both screenshots in the Google Form below.

Reflective Question: How could you use Showbie to differentiate with your students?