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Tech Tool:  Edpuzzle – (iOS- free)- web- www.edpuzzle.com

  • Edupuzzle is a website that allows you to insert questions or comments into a video for your students to answer.  


Here’s How:

Written Directions

Ideas for Use:

  • This a great to use if you are flipping your classroom.  It helps guarantee that the students watched the videos you assign.
  • It will give you the results of their responses, and how many times they watch the video.
  • In a self-paced class, you know who has watch the video and how well they understood what they were watching.
  • You can use a video one of your students created with their permission.  


Level Up!:

  • Create an edpuzzle with questions and comments.  Remember you can upload a movie you created or one of your students..
  • Share the link from “share with anyone” in the Google Form below

Reflective Question:

  • How do you see yourself using Edpuzzle with your class?