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Tech Tool:  Seesaw- iOS (free), Web (– best browsers: Chrome or Firefox)

    • Digital student  portfolio
    • Students add items to their portfolio
  • Parents can see their child’s journal by getting a code from the teacher.

Here’s How:


Written Directions

Ideas for Use:

    • Seesaw creates a portfolio of student work their parents can get view.
    • Great place for students to display their work.  
    • Great place for students to show what they have learned by uploading a photo and record their voice on the photo.
  • Great place for students to journal, take notes, draw a picture, turn in assignment using a link, and upload a video.  

Level Up!:

    • Take a screenshot of student’s work in their journal.
    • Upload the screenshot to your school Google Drive.
  • Share the link to the screenshot in the Google Form below.

Reflective Question: How do you see yourself using Seesaw in your classroom?