Sock Puppets

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Tech Tool:  Sock Puppets – iOS – Free/$3.99 ($1.99 for 20+)

  • This iPad app allows the user to create videos that include voice recording with the option of various sock puppets, props, and backgrounds.
  • The paid version gives more choices for customization.


Here’s How:

Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Retelling a story or process.
  • Video instructions about stations or activities.
  • Introduction videos for beginning of the year.
  • Question and answer review videos.
  • Share research information.
  • Explain a concept or event.


Level Up!:

  • Create a Sock Puppet video for use in your classroom as a part of instruction or as an example of student work.
  • Either save the video to upload to Google Drive or export directly to Drive from the sharing options.
  • Set sharing to “Anyone with Link Can View” and copy the link to add to the Level UP! Google form.

Reflective Question:  How can using Sock Puppets encourage students to reach higher levels of thinking?

Level UP!