Google Classroom for iOS

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Tech Tool:  Google Classroom- Web Version – Free

(Must have a Google Apps for Education account)

  • Google Classroom is a learning platform that allows for online connections, assignments, discussion and collaboration.  As part of the Google Apps for Education suite, it works with Google Drive and all of its components as well as many other sites and apps.  A great tool for blended or flipped classrooms!


Here’s How:

Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Post questions to create online discussion boards about classroom topics or books read.
  • Use to share resources and assignments to create a paperless classroom.
  • Connect with students beyond the class period or school day.
  • Give access to remediation or enrichment opportunities.
  • Assign and collect work to increase organization.
  • Allow students to develop writing, reading and social skills, as well as proper online behavior.

There are some differences between the iOS and Web versions of Classroom.           Click here to learn more.

Level Up!:

  • Create a class in Google Classroom.
  • Post an announcement containing a picture from Photos or taken directly with the camera on the device.
  • Post an assignment with an attached Google file with settings for students to VIEW file.
  • Post a question containing a link to a website.
  • Copy the class code to paste into the form to allow someone from IT to join your class as a student and verify the posts.


Reflective Question:  How can using Google Classroom change the options your students have for demonstrating knowledge?

Level UP!