Pages for iPadOS

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Tech Tool:  Pages for iOS – App Store – Free

  • Pages is a full-featured word processing app created specifically for the iPad.  With Pages, it is easy to create beautiful documents, reports, and posters in minutes.  
  • Add pictures, videos and customize text to personalize any project.


Here’s How:

Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Create interactive posters or brochures with photos and videos to demonstrate knowledge.
  • Keep a photo journal of a project or science experiment.
  • Create an ePub book to be read on mobile devices.
  • Create graphic organizers.
  • Build a storyboard for a digital project.
  • Develop a timeline with photos and videos.
  • Explain solutions to math problems with visual aids.
  • Demonstrate comprehension with books summaries including photos and video.


Level Up!:

  • Use a template from Pages for iOS to create a brochure, flyer/poster or visual/school report.  Include images and video, in addition to modifying the text color and/or font.
  • Using Send a Copy or Open in Another App, export your project as a PDF to your Google Drive.  
  • Set the sharing options of your file in Google Drive to “Anyone with Link Can View”.  Copy the URL to paste into the Level UP! Google Form.


Reflective Question:  How can the use of Pages for iOS allow your students to demonstrate deeper understanding and  higher level thinking with respect to your subject/grade?

Level UP!