iPevo Whiteboard


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iPevo Whiteboard

Tech Tool:  iPevo Whiteboard /App – iOS / Free

  • Whiteboard app works with the iPevo Document Camera
  • Allows you to create a video record, annotate, and draw directly on the iPad. 

Here’s How:

Written Directions

Ideas for Use:

      • Create a presentation for your class, using iPevo recording features.  (FYI, Student can take notes on the presentation using Google Classroom or Showbie).
      • Assessment: Students create a video recording explaining mastery of a concept.
      • Create/ draw a scene and record explaining the scene.  

Level Up!:

    • Product: Create a recording with iPevo Whiteboard explaining a concept you teach, inserting at least one picture.
    • Reflective Questions: How could this app help you as a teacher?  How do you see your students using this app?