Apple Classroom

Tech Tool:  Apple Classroom – iOS – Free

  • Apple Classroom is a free app that allows teachers to manage and monitor iPad use in their classroom.  Options include viewing student screens, allowing students to AirPlay, sharing web links and content, and more.  
  • Apple Classroom is only installed on the teacher device and does not require an app for student devices.

Here’s How:


Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Monitor iPad use while students are working in groups or at stations.
  • Lock iPads into app for assessment.
  • Assist students in opening apps for instruction or creation.
  • Manage iPad use during instructional time.
  • Share web links directly with students to avoid long URLs and typing errors.

Level Up!:

  • Open Apple Classroom and add teacher information and a photo for students to see when joining your class.
  • Enroll at least 1 class of students in Apple Classroom.
  • Take a screenshot of your class showing student screens.  
  • Upload screenshot to Google Drive and set sharing options to “Anyone with link can view”.  Copy URL to enter into Google form as your Level Up! artifact.

Reflective Question:  How can having access to Apple Classroom change the way your students interact with their technology?

Level Up!