Tech Tool:  Thinglink – Web/iOS – FREE

  • Thinglink allows users to turn any photograph into an interactive image by embedding text, images, videos, and other media directly onto the photo.  Thinglinks can be shared via link or embedded in websites.

Here’s How:

Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Share book information (characters, plot, review, etc.) over image of book cover.
  • Share historical data, links, and timelines over map image.
  • Use a diagram of a scientific system to share process information, images and videos.
  • Add biographical information to an image of the subject.
  • Add lesson resources (videos, instructions, etc.) on a graphic organizer.

Level Up!:

  • Create a Thinglink account.  Thinglink supports signing in with your district Google account.
  • Create a Thinglink with, at least 1 tag of each type – text, photo, gallery item and YouTube video.
  • Copy link to share in the Level Up! Google form below.

Reflective Question:  How can Thinglink impact student learning and the concept of assessment?

Level Up!