Trailers with iMovie for iOS

Tech Tool:  Trailers in iMovie for iOS – Free

  • Trailers are one option when using the iMovie app on your iPad.  This allows the user to create movie-like trailers for books, research, events, and more.  


Here’s How:

Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Create book trailers
  • Create trailers introducing a new topic
  • To demonstrate knowledge on a concept
  • To share research information
  • For introductions (both teacher and student)
  • As reflection on events or activities

Level Up!:

  • Use iMovie for iOS to create a movie trailer.  You can choose to make a trailer to introduce yourself or a new unit of study to your class, or make a book trailer about a favorite book.
  • Save the trailer video to your camera roll on your iPad.
  • Upload this video to your Google Drive and set sharing options so that anyone with the link can view your video.
  • Copy the link to paste in the Level Up! Form.

Refection Question:  How can using trailers in your classroom change the way students interact with information?

Level Up!