iMovie for iPadOS

Tech Tool:  iMovie for iOS – Free

  • iMovie for iOS allows users to combine photos, videos, audio and narration to create beautiful, personalized movies.  While it is easy to use, it also offers many features for editing.  


Here’s How:

Written Instructions

Ideas for Use:

  • Share research information about a person, topic or event.
  • Create a video to demonstrate the steps of a mathematical problem or science experiment.
  • Create a reflective movie about a field trip or activity.
  • Create how-to videos (students and/or teachers).
  • Create instructional or informational videos for students to access when away from the classroom.
  • Generate excitement and introduce new concepts.


Level Up!:

  • Use iMovie for iOS to create a short video (1-2 minutes) for use in your classroom.  This video will need to include the following (this is a minimum – you can do more!):
    • At least 2 photos, 1 video, audio (music), and voice narration.
    • Add at least 2 titles and pick a theme.
    • Extras – Choose a filter and modify the transitions between pictures/videos.

Reflective Question:  How can iMovie be used as an assessment for your subject/grade level?

Level Up!