Why Instructional Technology


To LEVEL UP! your technology skills, begin by watching the short video above and looking at the information below, highlighting the characteristics of truly integrating technology into your instruction.

Then, earn your first two badges (PC Google Account and Google Drive Level 1) to get you step and started on the way to LEVEL UP!



SAMR Model:  

Think about what you are doing with technology.  Depending on your task, you should be moving through the different levels of technology integration.  Enhancement is good but, don’t you want your efforts to Transformational?

“The SAMR Model.” Edtechvoices. N.p., 2016. Web. 03 May 2016.


Digital vs. Digitized:

Think about your assignments. Are they something new that you couldn’t do if it wasn’t digital or have you simply digitized the content that you used to do with paper and pencil?



Ten Timeless Tips:

Here are some universal tips for teaching with technology, regardless of which technology tool you are using.