Putnam City Technology Training

Tech Tool:  Canva  – Web ( or iOS – free

  • Create designs and graphics for just about anything.

Here’s How:

Written Directions

Ideas for Use:

  • Create poster,  presentation, Instagram post, and more of said topic
  • Great tool to use for students to show mastery of skills without paper pencil assessment.
  • Create an ebook.
  • Attention grabbers for your students- teacher creates to get students excited about new topic.
  • Create book cover for story/ book they read.
  • Create badges to give out to students
  • Create poster of topic,  insert it into Tellagami, Educreations, iPevo Whiteboard to explain the poster (background), and turn into Google Classroom or Showbie.

Level Up!:

  • Create something in Canva (adding something not apart of the template), share link in the Google Form below. 

Reflective Question:

  • How could Canva change the way you and your students do things in your classroom?

Level UP!