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Tech Tool:  Tellagami – iOS App (FREE)/$4.99

  • Tellagami allows the user to create a video with audio recording shared by a customizable avatar.  Users can change the appearance of the avatar (gender, hair, clothing, etc.) and background of the video.  Tellagami makes a great way for students to demonstrate knowledge and for teachers to share instructions!

Here’s How:

Ideas for Use:

  • Retell a story
  • Share information from research
  • Introduction video for beginning of the year
  • Math problem walkthrough
  • Instructions that need to be repeated (stations, labs, etc.)

Level Up!:

  • Create a Tellagami video for your classroom.  This can either be an example of a student project or an instructional tool.  
  • Upload your finished movie to your Google Drive and set sharing options that will allow you to enter the URL in the form below.  (See Drive – Level 1 Tutorial for refresher if needed)

Reflective Question:  How could Tellagami be of benefit to students that suffer from shyness or anxiety?

Level Up!