Haiku Deck


Putnam City Technology Training

Tech Tool:  Haiku Deck- Web or iOS (free) 

  • This tool can be used to create presentation
  • www.haikudeck.com
  • Three presentations for the free account
  • Goes into Google Classroom or copy/paste link

Here’s How:

Written Directions

Ideas for Use:

  • Create presentation – great for learning how much goes on a slide
  • Book Report
  • All About Me Presentation
  • Science Experiment
  • Create graphs

Level Up!:

  • Create a Haiku Deck that you can use in your classroom.
  • Copy and paste the link of your Haiku Deck in the Form below.

Reflective Question: How could students show mastery of a concept using Haiku Deck, instead of a paper pencil assessment?

Level Up!!