Chatter Pix


Tech Tool:  Chatter Pix  iOS app (free)

Chatter Pix is a creative way for students to tell/explain what they have learned on a topic for 30 seconds. This is a fun, easy way for teachers to assess their students’ knowledge.

Here’s How:


Ideas for Use:

   Here are several ways to use Chatter Pix in your classroom:

  • Procedures for all the things you repeat over and over    
  • Research Report  
  • Explain how to do something
  • Directions for an activity can be posted in Showbie or Google Classroom

Level Up!:

  • Create a Chatter Pix to either show your students or to give them directions for an activity.  
  • Save video to Camera Roll on iPad then Upload it to your Google Drive,
  • Fill out the following form be sure to copy the URL (link) to your Chatter Pix in Drive so you can paste it in the form.  

Reflective Question: How do you see yourself using ChatterPix for your class?

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